Gait Analysis 

Caitlin believes running is an innate, intuitive behavior. She has conflicting thoughts when someone asks, "Should I change my run form?" With such ingrained movement patterns, she doesn't believe one can change their form completely. However, Caitlin does believe that we can maximize our movement patterns after identifying areas of limitations. These limiters may be tissue tension, weakness through the core and pelvic girdle, or other aberrant movement patterns. With this, form follows function. If our form is poor, our function will follow.

Caitlin is confident each of us would benefit from a gait analysis which will provide you with a set of "skills and drills" to perform to enhance run form and proper mechanics. Use this as an opportunity to strategically place emphasis on improving running mechanics to keep you healthy throughout your race season. Assessments can be performed remotely or locally. Contact Caitlin to set up your gait analysis!

Gait Analysis
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