Our Story  


“This is the best crew,” Caitlin said to her boyfriend (at the time) Drew in reference to the two of them and their dog Rudy while sitting on Drew’s old, crappy college couch. “That’s it! I got it! Crew Racing! That’s our name!” Caitlin exclaimed in excitement. Crew = Cait, Drew, and Ru (short for Rudy). That’s how it all started.


Caitlin holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science and has her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Beginning triathlon in 2009, she has completed 6 Ironman triathlons, 20+ Ironman 70.3 triathlons, and multiple short course races. With a unique specialty in return to sport from injury, injury prevention, human performance, and rehabilitation Caitlin is able to provide athletes with effective coaching strategies to maintain health and remain injury free throughout the triathlon season.

Drew has been a competitive swimmer since he was six years old. He competed collegiately for Edinboro University as a top distance swimmer while obtaining degrees in Health and Physical Education with concentrations in Sports and Recreational Administration. Not only did he teach his now wife, Caitlin, to swim but he has allowed many newcomers to the sport to get their feet wet with triathlon. Drew’s favorite aspect of coaching is enabling others to gain confidence in the water so they can become triathletes as well as strategically enhancing the swim portion of triathlon.

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Caitlin and Drew are now married and continue to work as a team in business and life. Between the couple they hold four degrees in the health science fields and have 22 years of coaching experience. Together, they love helping others achieve their goals while instilling confidence, mental resilience, and a team atmosphere. Whether new to triathlon, or looking to achieve maximum potential in sport, Crew Racing can put you on the path towards your goals.