Every athlete has goals. Whether it is to stay healthy, qualify for Kona or to just have fun, there has to be some guiding light to continue going. Let's be honest, this is not an easy sport and those regular 4 am alarms aren’t fun, no matter how motivated you are.

Even as coaches we have our own set of goals. Establishing goals as a coach looks pretty similar to the way athletes create their goals. There are big picture goals, season goals, workout goals and daily goals, but everything we do comes back to our two big picture goals.

Here are our two main goals for every athlete we work with:

1. Help the athlete to become the best version of themselves- Sport is a powerful vehicle for self-improvement when used in a mindful manner. Endurance sports teaches a lot of great life lessons, from persevering through adversity to time management. At the end of the day, though, it is a phenomenal way to learn about yourself. Sport puts you in rough places, where you find out things about yourself that you wouldn’t otherwise. What we learn in those tough moments are not always good things, but it leads to a chance for improvement. Once a weakness is revealed, with the right framing, it can be overcome while leading to not only better sport performance but better life performance.

2. Create well educated, independent athletes- We view coaching as a back and forth relationship between the coach and athlete. It is a two-way street, where both parties work together to get the best out of themselves. Our goal here is to teach the athlete everything we can to help them be their best and become independent thinkers and decision makers. That way when something doesn’t go to plan in a race, training or in a life, the athlete has the tools to respond on their own.


In short, it is kind of like saying our goal is to put ourselves out of business with each athlete. Once the athlete has achieved their maximum potential and learned everything they can from us they come to a place where they no longer need us. As coaches, our goal is to impact growth in sport, life, and relationships.