Return to Sport

We understanding returning to sport following an injury can be overwhelming and takes a great deal of investment. We have found returning to sport isn’t as simple as taking time away from sport. Instead, it takes a periodized approach to incorporate specific skills back into your training regimen. We designed our return to sport program to address the apprehension and uncertainty that can occur following an injury.

Whether you’ve experienced muscle or tendon pain, a joint sprain, lack of joint mobility, surgery, or poor flexibility these are all treatable pathologies that a Doctor of Physical Therapy can assist with. Through a consultation with Caitlin, she can devise a program to address your needs while progressing back towards your sport of choice.

We understand each athlete is very different and so our return to sport programs are all individualized, not protocol driven. Depending upon your current status, return to sport time will differ between each individual. Each athlete will receive a strength and stabilization program with a progressive build and end goal of a full return to sport without discomfort.

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