Athlete Testimonials


Bill padisaK

"This coaching thing is working out really well for me. It's exactly what I need. I know it goes way beyond just telling me what to do and when. You're planning my workouts based on my injuries to help me not get re-injured and get me ready for my races but the planning is what makes it doable for me. 

Thanks again, I know it's early in the process but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you! You're much more than just a coach, you're also an awesome cheerleader and encourager!" 


Cheri goldner 

"You know, you're pretty good at this coaching thing. I really appreciate that you recognize tri is just a part of most athlete's lives and that you don't make me feel bad about missing some workouts. At least when it's only February..." 


Curtis masters 

"Thank you for helping shape me as a fitness coach so I can realize my dream. Thank you for always pushing me to be better. A better athlete, a better friend, a better coach, and a better person. Most of all thank you for being real!!! It's refreshing to see."