10- Gentry Stein

In this week's episode, Caitlin and Drew interview Gentry Stein, the 2014 World Yoyo Champion. They discuss Gentry's journey through yoyoing, how he has revolutionized the sport and how he is able to compete at a consistently high level. While this episode is not directly related to triathlon, there are many take aways that triathletes and endurance athletes can use to improve their performance.

Be sure to check out Gentry’s winning routine from the 2014 World Yoyo Contest! The video is posted below.

If you are looking to follow Gentry, you can follow his Instagram by following this link -> https://www.instagram.com/gentrystein/. If you are looking to learn more about yoyoing or to buy any yoyo merchandise, be sure to check out his website which is https://www.gentrystein.com/.

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